Cadets Volunteers are Amazing

Corps nearly locked and loaded for cooks and drivers

Well, after a bit of a recruiting breakdown, the Cadets are back. Even adding a prop truck, we are just about ready to rock and roll for the summer.

First of all, I want to thank you. And yes, really, truly thank all who came on board. I was blow away! Folks diving in for 4 weeks on a moment’s notice – that’s incredible.  Heck, we already had a crazy great bunch but now, wow ! it really must be Christmas because you are delivering the best of all gifts... Your time!


So, where are we and what is still needed? 

SMALL VEHICLES (Vans, straight trucks, pickup)

June 27-June 30 – We need one driver (you can come for more)

July 7 – We need three drivers that night – OH MY!

July 8 – July 13 – We need one driver

July 28 – Aug 3 – We need two drivers

That’s it!  I am not sure what we are going to do about July 7. It is only a few hours. I think the admin team may have to strap in?

As for the others – can you come on? A week or two ?? Join us! Really! Great kids and great music and a summer of determination and hard work like no one will ever witness.


We have a few holes here! June 23 – July 8  and July 31 to August 13.

Write to me, please! We need some help here. Some of our tried and true folks seem to not be able to make it this year. We are good out of the gate but I would like to get this tied up in a week or so.

And what about those FOOD FOLKS? The CARROT CREW !

We can use one person any time from June 9 – June 30


We need one person from July 9 – July 14

We need one person from July 15- July 20

(PS – this July 9 – July 20 would be a lovely trip for a fun person ) :-)

Now that’s not too shabby! We have 5 or 6 folks most of the time! And we have a new cook that seems to be doing a great job. We are working as hard as we can to give to you the volunteers, the experience of a lifetime.

Heck, I know I get paid to do this job but, there is nothing like watching kids work their butts off, and then to achieve greatness. Forget the win just the thrill of the performance is fabulous.

I remember when my daughter Katie marched. I could not even watch her some nights. My eyes would fill up with tears. What pride. What joy! In seeing the joy in her eyes, my wildest dreams came true.

And that can happen to you, be it your kid or another young man or woman, you are fortunate to support.

Join us or come on for more, or come back, or call a friend.

To get on board write to Melissa at or to me directly at

The sooner the better but rest assured, we are waiting for you!

Happy Summer and a Merry, Merry Christmas!


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