Wintry weather only fuels "12.25" momentum

The Cadets prepare to pack up and perform later this week

The design team has been cranking out music changes, drill and choreography, and our hardworkingIMAG0797.jpg handymen have been hammering out props and finishing up the equipment truck.

On Sunday night, another rainstorm threw us for a loop, but we got a bright double rainbow to make up for it. George Hopkins decided to push the formal community performance back to Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m., but The Cadets did a modified ensemble rehearsal in jeans and their new member T-shirts for the 100 locals who came out to see the corps. Gino led the ensemble through the show, concluding each portion with a production run. The crowd enthusiastically cheered after nearly every rep, and they stayed in the cold to listen to The Cadets play through the ballad and closer in the arc afterwards as well.

It’s been a cold week, and we’ve been tying up as many loose ends as possible so that we can hit the road Wednesday night. In drill rehearsal Monday morning, the corps learned all of “Jingle Two,” which brings us to the ballad visually. The second half of “Jingle Bells” is a loud, fun “park and blow” section, and I’m still surprised at how much this corps has made me like a usually campy Christmas song. In my opinion, it’s very well arranged.

“That was your best run-through yet!” Gino told The Cadets after they brought it in at the end of the day. Now that “Jingle Bells” is on the field, the show design is gaining momentum again, and soon The Cadets will have the whole show done.


The food truck volunteers planned Christmas dinner for last night, with a delicious breaded cranberry chicken, stuffing, noodles, cranberry sauce and cake. The cold, clear evening made the festive décor feel strangely appropriate, as Mariah belted out “All I Want for Christmas Is You” from the food truck’s speakers.

After dinner, all Cadets but the colorguard suited up in their newly altered uniforms for a final fitting. The members lined up in a big arc outside Maple, and Joan Flint, our last remaining sewing lady, went down the line making notes and putting in pins with impressive finesse and speed. Even so, the process took a long time, but the members were gracious and patient. I love the look new Cadets get in their eyes when they try on their uniforms and walk in twos for the first time. This corps is full of some especially great Cadets. Joan has a long list of alterations to make, but this Cadet corps will look great in their cream and maroon uniforms by YEAllentown.



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