A big day for the new equipment truck

The equipment truck drove away from its first fender bender unscathed

To break up the monotony, George Hopkins moved wake-up from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 yesterday morning, and The Cadets endured another chilly, damp morning. Instead of going into marching rehearsal, the brass and drums warmed up first, then made the preseason recording in the stadium for the entire morning block. They played through each piece of the show music a couple of times to make sure they got the best take, then recorded some extra tunes like “Jump,” “We Need a Little Christmas,” “Philip Bliss” and “Rocky Point.”

Meanwhile, the brand-new equipment truck headed offsite to get the Cadets decal put on. Unfortunately for a small, red Honda Civic, our truck made a stop at a light, and the driver behind it didn’t stop in time. The dented little car barely even scratched the back of our truck, and our driver barely felt any impact at all. It arrived back at UPJ looking ready for a summer of drum corps shows.


The corps did a visual rehearsal in the afternoon and ended in sectionals last night with no ensemble. After rehearsal, the pit, guard, brass and drums took turns loading all of their equipment and uniforms onto the new truck to get a feel for where things go before they have to load and unload at crunch time. Jay Travis, our director of transportation, and his team of volunteers did a fantastic job designing and building the interior of the truck to facilitate the process. Each section has their own space, and there is plenty of room for field lining supplies, drum major ladders, the color guard’s shiny presents, and anything else that might come up.

After loading, The Cadets ate some pork chops, showered and went to their “Winter Wonderland” prom in the Student Union. The guard had gone early to decorate with Christmas lights, balloons and streamers, and Pat supplied a giant bin of her delicious Celebration Punch as always. Congratulations to Ashley Pittman and Greg Banks, who were voted this year’s prom queen and king!


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