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YEAllentown! Showcases Fantastic Performances

Cadets Make 2012 Debut; Cadets2 Launch, and Xcape Brings Down the House

Once a year the entire family of YEA! programs gather together for a showcase of talent that is unparalleled in depth and breadth of entertainment, and YEAllentown! Concert on Thursday evening did not disappoint.

From the beginning beats of the Kids Beats Hand Drumming program, there was an energy in Allentown’s Symphony Hall that would only grow throughout the evening’s performances.

Following Kids Beats, the stage featured a performance by the Xcape Hip Hop Dance Company featuring the youngest performers in the Li’l Company followed by the most experienced group, The Company in a performance that has been rehearsed for months during weekly practices in the YEA! offices in Downtown Allentown. 

There was a great deal of anticipation for the next group which was only exceeded by the performance that Cadets2 presented in their very-first public appearance. From the first notes of ‘To Tame The Perilous Skies,’ the corps had the audience (including the members of the 2012 Cadets sitting in the balcony) on the edge of their seats with excitement. 

The corps, clad in the traditional maroon and gold uniforms worn previously by The Cadets, looked and sounded fantastic.  From the opener, right through the last notes of their ‘Launch’ program, it was a remarkable beginning for this corps that has had less than a dozen rehearsals. A bright future awaits the newest corps, and for a few lucky members, an opportunity to perform in the brass or colorguard section still awaits.

After a brief intermission, where the buzz was all about the Cadets2 performance, the audience was treated to the third group from Xcape. The Up and Coming company features the middle age range of dancers in their early teens, but their talent and dedication comes with every step they make. Xcape, with over 150 participants and growing every week, is headed in the right direction!

Next to the Symphony Hall stage was a performance by the Cadets colorguard. This team of talented dancers seamlessly jumped back and forth with flag and weapon work and dance illustrating that this is a very strong ensemble that is looking forward to a spectacular year on the field!

The Cadets front ensemble took center stage next with a feature they’ve been working on in between their regular rehearsals, before joining together with the Cadets Cologuard and members of the Xcape Company in a showcase of three segments of the organizations programs.

Finally, the last group to take the stage was Allentown’s World Champions in their first appearance in their hometown since capturing their most recent title last August. A few have questioned the use of Christmas music as the basis for the ’12.25’ show, but the unanimous verdict from this audience is that the corps has been able to balance the classic Christmas standards with a level of technical achievement and intensity that has become synonymous with the corps. 

The show plays back and forth between the tunes everyone knows and then in classic Jay Bocook style melds, bends and interprets them in an all new way. ‘Jingle Bells’ has never hammed so hard, and there’s probably not a Christmas tune left out of the final two or three minutes of the program. Pure Christmas. Pure Cadets.

Your next chance to see the Cadets will be this Saturday at Northern Highlands High School in Allendale, NJ beginning at 6:30PM, before they hit the road for the first DCI contest one week from Saturday.

 Watch for photos, videos and more to be posted soon.

A special thank you to everyone who joined us for this evening of entertainment and excitement. We appreciate your support and can't wait to return next year for an even bigger and better YEAllentown! 2013. 



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