Volunteer Update: The help has been incredible! Looking for Sales Help

And now we search for sales people who love the Cadets

We have filled most of the food crew holes, a good many of the driver spots, we will have four roadies soon, and well, we are two days into tour and the new guys are kicking butt!!

The response has been incredible!

What we have learned is too much to say!

And what I love the best – the people who are getting on board now WANT to be ON BOARD! They love the Cadets. They love helping. They love contributing! They love watching the pursuit of perfection!

And yes indeed, that makes for a good team.

Now then, we had a “change in direction” in the merchandising operation a few weeks ago, and we are still filling in. We have our leader Derrick and our experienced salesperson, Amanda, but we need a few more Cadets fans to join us.

We need folks who would love to spend the summer:

            - giving out flyers to get folks to come to the Cadets souvenir area

            - recruiting future members, getting names and talking Christmas!

            - loving the love of fans

            - being around the Cadets and selling and having fun, and getting to the stadium early

            - and having a blast!

What are the requirements:

This is basically a volunteer summer. You need to be 21 or older

  • We will feed you 4 meals a day
  • Can pay you $35.00 a week for food money at the stadium :-)
  • $100 of gear from the Cadets 
  • We will get you to and from the corps if you spend the full summer 

And what does a day look like

  • Arrive at 6 am at a school
  • Up at 8 am for breakfast
  • 9 am - plan for the day
  • 10 am - get the merchandise set up over the stadium; inventory done; other errands done 
  • free time – watch the Cadets etc.
  • 3 pm – be at the stadium setting up
  • 6 pm – gates open – sell and talk and sell and talk and sell and talk
  • 11 pm – Tear down and pack up
  • Midnight – climb into the truck all four of you and drive 
  • 2 am or so ... catch up to the corps. Transfer to bus seats on the staff bus I hope
  • Back to sleep

We need two people. We would love to have the full summer but we can take four week stints. These jobs require too much knowledge to be moving in and out each week.

- Perfect for a 23-year old who loves to sell and wants a summer away

- Perfect for someone who wants to talk Cadets all summer

- Perfect for someone who wants to assist us in recreating the world of merchandise sales

Write to me at hopkins@yea.org  and I will direct to the department supervisors. Could you also include a photo or a FB link? Also,there is a good bit of lifting and the hours are long so it is a good thing to be physically fit so that you can make this job happen!

Thanks gang!  First come, first serve. The merchandise operation makes it’s first appearance on June 16th In Akron.

PS – the better your tech skills, the more we will like you.  :-) We do have some desires to link to some on line projects. More of that later!

Happy weekend and Merry Christmas


PSS – if you can only do weekends and you live in the area, Cadets 2 needs folks for

July 14, July 21, July 28, August 3-4-5  …. And a few weekends the end of August. Let us know !!!



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