Cadets seek Athletic Trainer to fill July opening

Our Athletic Trainer got an excellent job; Unexpected departure creates a need from July 21-August 12

The Cadets Drum Corps is looking for an athletic trainer to fill in immediately due to the unexpected job acquisition by a member of the Cadets' medical team.

For those not familiar with drum corps, the activity combines music and athleticism in a unique art form. The Cadets travel the country performing in 40 cities over the next 65 or so days, rehearsing 12 hours per day and performing almost nightly in a different stadium

The Cadets do have medical personnel on tour, including an RN, an experienced EMT, and at various times, MD's for a week here and there over the course of the summer. We also are always on the look for additional athletic interns if you are interested

As of today ...

We had a licensed trainer who will be departing in mid-summer. We would love to fill the position with another licensed trainer ideally, or if such is not possible, a student searching for experience. The student should be third or fourth year, ideally.

Because of the depth of the team, what we are specifically looking for is someone to handle the care and management of sprains, pulls, blisters and other injuries normal to high levels of activity. Taping, icing, pre and post season maintenance; these are the primary issues.

If selected, the individual will be provided a flight to and from The Cadets, all meals are provided, and a small fee of $200 per week for the time served.

We are again, in need of someone from July 22nd to August 12th but if the person selected would like to come in early we would love to have you.

For more information, contact the office of Youth Education in the Arts, the parent organization of The Cadets at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 126. Ask to speak to Bill Speakman or write to George Hopkins at


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