Final Call for Food Crew on Tour with The Cadets

Several 'Red Zones' Where Folks are Needed

Ok. I just went through the chart for the summer again. I did not count someone if they were coming in that day or leaving that day. Better safe than sorry.

Here is the situation:

June 13-June 15 – Ohio                 7 people

June 16-June 18 -  Oh/Ky/Tn          Only 5 for the first weekend of the year! -- HELP

June 19-20 – Tn                            Only 6 in Martin, TN – HELP!

June 21- June 25                           7 people

June 26-June 30                            Only 6 from Florida to Boston – HELP!                            

July 1 – July 5                               9/10 people

July 6 – 13                                    8 people  but  July 8 we're at 5 at Chambersburg

July 14-30                                     At least 8 all of the time

Aug 1-Aug 4                                  Only 5-6 around Allentown – we need help!!!!!

Aug 5 to the end                            9 and counting

So can you come on board for one of the red Zones … PLEASE! I guarantee you extra cookies and some milk, and perhaps a present.

Just write to Melissa @ or to me at  ( Melissa is the best bet)

We can then give you the information you need and get you in as part of the CARROTT CREW!  Great people, lots of excitement, and doing great things for kids! You have to love it and you will love being here!

Look, I am sitting in my office for god knows how many hour and days. I want to get out on the road but these kind of details, and board meetings and money and planning, it all has to be done. Jeff Sacktig is on the homestretch getting the drill done, and from there, Show 1 will be Saturday and there will be 35 more to go.

Come on board. We need you. And I promise, you will love it !


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