Keeping spirits bright

Cadets got another chance to perform in uniform yesterday

While the weather got a little more pleasant yesterday afternoon, The Cadets were thrown for a bit of a loop in ensemble last night when ominous clouds rolled in over the hills. After they finished rehearsing “Hark,” the staff decided to take the precaution and head inside early. The members broke into small sectional rehearsals for a few minutes, but it made more sense to adjust the schedule. Instead of spending time standing still inside before the community show at 8:30, The Cadets headed for the showers about an hour early to get cleaned up and dressed. They had enough time to polish their horns and get into uniform, and then they finished out ensemble in front of a growing crowd of Mount Pleasant locals.


IMAG0851.jpgGino ended the rehearsal portion of the evening at 8:17 p.m., giving the corps a few minutes to stretch and drink water before their run-through, while Patrick welcomed the community and explained the show. It’s pretty amazing how far the show has come in the last few days; the members and design staff have risen to the great challenge of having it ready for competition by Saturday.

“These poor kids. They’re learning so much drill!” Selena Adams, our mellophone music instructor and alum, said jokingly.

“The corps is doing great,” Sean Furilla told me this morning. “They got a lot better yesterday. We went into the day with a great plan of what we wanted to get done, and it was a good, solid day of rehearsal.”

The Mount Pleasant community applauded as The Cadets played their final note in a company front at the end of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” As has become habit, the corps took off their shakos and played a few tunes in the arc before formally ending the evening. Everyone in attendance left smiling, thanking us for the show and praising The Cadets’ performance quality. I got to talk to some old drum corps folks who wouldn’t miss a chance to see a corps in their area, several people who were seeing drum corps for the first time, and a four-(or so)-year-old girl who raved, “They were the best!”

It’s 75 and sunny on the turf today, and spirits are bright!



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