The Cadets in good shape for mid-June

George and April are pleased with progress this week

“For those of you who’ve been a part of teaching all of this, congratulations” George Hopkins told the instructors at the staff meeting this morning. He had been in the office away from the corps for more days than he would have liked, but Hop finally drove over to Mount Pleasant yesterday afternoon.

“The corps’ improvement over the last week is off the charts,” he continued. “And I don’t say that as some new guy coming in. They’re as good as any Cadet corps I’ve seen this time of the year. I was blown away for the first five minutes of the show last night.”

George went on to say that even the weaker parts of the show are more the product of incomplete show design than a lack of achievement on the members’ side. This isn’t to say that the corps is clean by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re certainly on their game for mid-June.

“You know, I am thoroughly impressed with them right now” color guard instructor April Gilligan said of the CBCCG last night. “They learned more than any human being should to get ready for this Saturday. Really, more than any human being should.” Then, in true April fashion, she added, “Now granted, they’re still a total mess.”

The guard learned new work to all of “Jingle Part Two” (which is the fast, full-flagline swing section) and the closer in the last two days, in addition to reviewing all that they already have.

The weather in Mount Pleasant was gorgeous yesterday—75 and perfectly clear—making the four-hour rehearsal blocks perhaps a bit more bearable. The Cadets finished out their time in PA with a full run-through of the show at the end of ensemble, and wheels rolled out of the school at 11:00 p.m., headed for Perry, Ohio.



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