Daily Update of Schedule

CADETS will be at the MANNING BOWL FOR REHEARSALS on the 5th and 6th of July

Some changes in housing situations will have the Cadets relocating to Lynn, Massachusetts following the Wakefield Parade the evening of the 4th.

For those in New England wishing to see the Cadets in rehearsal or in performance, here are the basics for the week.

Wednesday, July 4th

10 am  parade in Bristol, RI
4 pm   parade in Wakefield, MA
6 pm    some free time in Wakefield, MA
8 pm    buses depart to Lynn English HS
9 pm    dinner and relaxation

Thursday, July 5th

7:30 am --- Breakfast
9 am - 8 pm -- Rehearsal at the Manning Bowl and Lynn English
9:30 pm -- Dinner and rest at Lynn English

NOTE -- Picture Day. Paulo ... you might be best to set up at the STADIUM!!!!! and not the school!!!!!

Friday, July 6th

7:30 am -- Breakfast
9 am -- 4 pm -- rehearsal at Manning Bowl and Lynn English
9 pm -- Performance in Quincy, Mass.
11 pm -- Departing New England for Jackson, NJ

More detail will be available as time moves on but this is the basic timetable for those meeting or viewing, or just curious.


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