And the first show went well!

No major issues as The Cadets take the competitive field for the first time this year

The Cadets’ first show was a success! From parking, to gate times, to uniforms, to props, to the show itself, there were no major hitches for The Cadets at the University of Akron last night.

After so many all-day rehearsals that the members were beginning to forget why they’re here, two-hour rehearsal blocks and a ridiculously early dinner at 3:00 p.m. were more than welcome. The members also got some good nap time in on the buses, as our housing site in Perry, Ohio was an hour and a half away from the show in Akron.

Once the corps rolled in, we settled into the familiar warm-up routine. Rocky Point echoed around the campus, and soon the horns, drums, guard and pit convened from all directions at the gate to sing. Minutes later, they were back out of the tunnel, sweatier but all intact.

“I thought it was good!” George told the corps outside the gate after they performed. “Did you hear people clapping when we want them to clap? That’s always a good sign. There was definitely some stuff in there, and that’s to be expected at the first show. Tomorrow will be better just because it won’t be your first time through this whole process.”

The crowd was indeed very responsive. The opener cast a unique wonderment in the stadium—as if people were pleasantly surprised that the Christmas show is a vehicle for great drum corps. And while “Jingle” may not be quite as polished as “Carol” yet, the screaming trumpet solos and jazzy jam-out had many people on their feet just six minutes into the show.

“I kind of like the way DCI sets this up now with the theater, because by the time you find out how you did tonight, it won’t matter anymore,” George told the members. “It’ll be Monday and we’ve got a show on Wednesday. By the time you know your score, you’ll have a whole new closer. We just keep moving forward.”




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