The heat of the South

The Cadets push through Tennessee temperatures to finish 12.25

We’re mid-day three of our stay in Martin, Tennessee, and unlike years past, we have a show here tonight.

In the three days since their last show, The Cadets have learned several changes— some different solos at the end of the ballad, an “O, Christmas Tree” addition to the percussion feature in “Jingle Bells, and (the most noteworthy) the new, full ending of the closer. The corps put the final 45 seconds (or so) of drill on the field two days ago, so they’ve had a little time to build their endurance and get “comfortable” with it for the performance tonight (as if any Cadet show is comfortable in June!).

Last night, ensemble ended about two hours earlier than normal, and the members were bused to laundromats in the surrounding area to wash their clothes. Even though they were out until midnight, the members look forward to laundry days because it’s a brief chance for them to spend some time in the real world and (hopefully) walk to get some fast food.

The Cadets are in the middle of their show-prep time right now, and it’s been a hard, hot day of rehearsal for them. On show days, the corps doesn’t get a snack break between sectionals and ensemble, so while the blocks are shorter, the end of the day tends to feel even more grueling. Consequently, The Cadets erupted in applause on the field this afternoon when Gino announced that they would only be doing a run-through of “Hark” at the end of rehearsal instead of their habitual full run-through. The show looks different after our stay in Tennessee, and I think everyone in the corps will be leaving a shade darker than they came as well.



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