Quick day in Dothan

Just a few short hours of rehearsal to tighten some things down before the show tonight

The Cadets are just finishing up a quick day of rehearsal in Dothan, Alabama today, since we pulled inIMAG0929.jpg a little before 9:00 this morning after a 488-mile haul from western Tennessee. The corps didn’t get much down time, but the volunteers always need some time to cook breakfast, so the members got to stretch out in the gym for an hour and a half. We’re staying and rehearsing at the show site today, which bought us an extra hour or two on the field that would otherwise have been spent in transit.

The corps encountered some major musical/timing issues in “Jingle Bells” during their show last night, and thankfully they recovered relatively quickly. Those were some very long, very uncomfortable seconds, though, and the staff has spent some time getting everything locked down and everyone confident so that the ensemble doesn’t tear again.


The heat of the South is to be expected, and it has yet to be utterly unbearable, especially on a perfectly groomed grass stadium like today’s. The 90-plus highs are also made perhaps a little more tolerable by the knowledge that everyone will have some free time in Epcot on Sunday.

In the mean time, we’ve got another small but important show tonight—we see just three other corps: The Cavaliers, Carolina Crown and the Crossmen.


By the way, many of these great photos are coming from Yuichiro Hidaka, our resident athletic trainer. Thanks Yuichiro!


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