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Countdown Clock Nearing 'Launch' for Cadets2

Join Us for Friends & Family Performance Sunday

With only one full weekend of rehearsals left for Cadets2 before their world debut, the staff and members of the corps have a huge weekend planned to work on the ‘Launch’ program before a special, uniformed ‘Friends & Family’ performance on Sunday afternoon between 2-3PM at South Mountain Middle School in Allentown.
Corps Director Rich Hammond said in a memo to staff outlining the goals and objectives for the weekend, “We need to get a lot done this weekend. This is a huge three days in the development of the corps and the staff will be engaged to maximize the efforts of the students.” 
Hammond added, “The team of teachers and the members are a great group.  We just have challenges that any group would go through, like stamina and injuries and more, but we are making hugely positive strides here.” Our #1 priority is to get as much of ‘Launch’ completed for next week, with the understanding that we have our first public performance next Saturday in Massachusetts.  We have worked so hard to get to this point, now is the time to show the world what we have been able to accomplish. The staff, the members, the volunteers… everyone has put so much into this and the fun is only about to begin!”
Even though they’re a few days from their first performance, a few positions remain open for baritone and flag performers. While no necessarily being able to march in the first shows, new members will have the opportunity to make history as a member of Cadets2 and still perform in the majority of the DCA season, as well as the big DCI East and MetLife Stadium performances. cadets2bywitmer.jpg
Contact Rich at or Melissa at for details on these final few opportunities.
8:20        “the weekend”
8:30        sectionals
10:30     Snack
11:30     Lights out
6:30        Up
7:30        “the day”
7:40        S & S
8:00        Visual
12:00     Lunch
1:00        Visual
3:00        Sectionals
5:30        Dinner
6:30        Sectionals
7:15        Ensemble
8:45        Subs / inside
10:30     Snack
11:30     Lights out
6:30        Up
7:30        “the day”
7:40        S & S
8:00        Visual
10:00     Warm-Up
10:30     Ensemble
1:30        Lunch/ Change into uniforms                                   
2:45        Perform
·         “2012 Launch”
·         Parade tune  - Back to the Future
·         Cadence w/roll off
·         Jump – we will play this with the Cadets


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