Not so sunny in Kissimmee

The Cadets rehearsed through the rain yesterday

Florida fulfilled our expectations yesterday when the clouds started rolling in at around 2:30 in the afternoon. The Cadets were nearing the end of an unusually late visual block, and a wall of rain swept into the stadium. The staff let them find cover, especially since the torrential downpour was much too intense to rehearse in, but the hornline still ended up getting drenched under the stands when water started pouring in. In contrast to fading memory of chilly days at Spring Training, at least this was a warm rain.

The food crew set up the chicken taco salad lunch inside, and then the corps dove back into rainy
rehearsal for the rest of the day. It drizzled on and off, and George decided to cut snack so ensemble could start a little earlier, thereby hopefully getting some work done before heavier rain came. About halfway through, it was raining hard enough that the pit had to pack up and go inside, but the horns, drums and guard stuck it out for a long, soggy rehearsal.

The food crew served up hamburgers inside at 9:30 p.m., and George scheduled a Hop Meeting with2e062749db2d765384515ecf68ef55dc-610381559.jpg the members at 10:30.

The corps was up early at 7:00 this morning to get some work done before the rain gets here this afternoon.

In other news, a welder is onsite today fixing the souvie trailer before we head to DCI Orlando in the Citrus Bowl tonight.


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