Rain on our Disney parade

Storms make for a dreary day in Disney World

After a hectic morning of rain and logistics, The Cadets are safely rolling to Disney World right now. Thankfully, DCI Orlando ran right on schedule last night, despite the threatening clouds. The corps had another solid performance and seemed to finish stronger than they have been. Endurance is building, even in humidity that makes you feel like you need gills.


But what didn’t hit us last night has come in with a vengeance this morning. The corps woke up to a storm cell at least half the size of the state, and according to George, it’s going to rain all day. For now, The Cadets have their uniforms with them on the buses, and the plan is to march in the parade as planned, sans plumes.

After that, the corps is free in Epcot until Butt in Seat at 7:00 p.m. The park will stay open unless lightning strikes, and all of the rides (except for Test Track, which is currently under renovation) are indoors, so hopefully everyone can make the best of the day and have some fun. Regardless, it’s good for the members to have some good food and time to relax.


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