Relentless rain

The Cadets made the best of a soggy free day

Once the rain started yesterday, it didn’t stop. The Cadets arrived backstage in Epcot yesterday (behind Germany, to be exact) a little after 9:00 a.m. They got off the buses in full uniform and unloaded the drums and horns for a quick warm-up with rain dripping in their eyes.

Then the corps quickly loaded up their instruments to relocate closer to the front of the park. The drummers had to put their drums wherever they could find space. Dripping basses awkwardly filled the aisles of the Rock Star Bus while tenors crowded the admin RV. The snares managed to fit on the drum bus, and the tubas filled the other buses aisles, including the staff bus.

When we parked again, the members unloaded, entered the park, and did the short parade to the tune of “We Need a Little Christmas,” followed by a stand-still with “Philip Bliss” and the parade tune. We don’t like to appear in public with shakos and no plumes, but obviously the feathers weren’t an option, and the members wouldn’t have been able to see anything without the brims of their shakos to block the rain.


Then The Cadets changed and headed into Epcot for about six hours. Everyone made the best of the day, but the relentless rain definitely put a damper on Disney. At 7:15 p.m., the corps was back on the buses and the convoy rolled out to Fort Mill, South Carolina.


(Pictures will be up soon!)


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