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Be a part of the Launch!

Cadets2 trailer / hitch / gator needed

cadets2wtruck.jpgCadets2 is almost ready to “Launch” into the summer, but is in need of some local support.

From now until Aug. 14, C2 needs a trailer, gator, and other necessities used to cart around pit instruments.

For camps, the corps has only had to move from the equipment trailer to the practice field and will be in need of some significant assistance until The Cadets return from tour. C2 will compete in DCA shows around the Northeast, and will be featured in preshow performances at several DCI events.

You can help be a part of the C2 inaugural season. We are at your mercy here and are willing to trade goods and/or services (within reason!) for the use of your equipment.

Anyone who is interested in loaning said items please contact Melissa or Rich at or


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