Hot Half Christmas in Columbia, SC

Short rehearsal before First Beat

Rehearsal in South Carolina was hot yesterday, but the blocks were unusually short, even for a show day. The Cadets had little more than an hour in visual, sectionals and ensemble because the show stadium was over an hour and a half drive from our housing site in Columbia. Due to construction, the corps didn’t have a stadium, so it wasn’t the worst day for an abbreviated rehearsal schedule.

The Cadets ate a laughably early dinner at 2:40 p.m., then packed up and left for the show at 4:25 with some snacks on the buses to get them through the show.

It was still hot and sunny when the corps unloaded at Fort Mill High School, but the weather gradually cooled down and turned into an ideal summer evening for drum corps. The Cadets performed another solid show, and the progress continues!



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