The show on a hill

Sevierville poses some unusual challenges for this ever-improving Cadet corps

Yesterday was windy but gorgeous in Tennessee, and The Cadets had another short but productive day of rehearsal before the long drive to the show. Strong winds challenged the color guard, but in ensemble it became obvious that the corps is taking another significant step forward, and staff and members left the day in a great mood.

“Allison, the drums are hot today!” Colin (percussion caption supervisor) told me as he walked to the food truck from ensemble.


After a slower drive than we planned and a bit of a late arrival, The Cadets unloaded and warmed up at the Sevierville, TN show.  This particular performance was quite the challenge for staff and members, as the staff is responsible for getting the present props out onto the field each night. Because of the odd placement of this stadium, the props had to be unloaded on side two of the field instead of side one where they go, so we had very little time to carry the heavy boxes all the way across the field in record time with fewer people than normal.

Colorguard Caption Head Daniel Riley was on the same prop as me last night, and he helped everyone along by making a race out of who could set their prop the fastest on the right dot and angle. Naturally, we (team purple) won.


The Sevierville show poses a greater challenge for marching members as well: Not only is it on grass, but the field has such a high crown in the middle that anyone standing on the back sideline can barely see the drum major. This means that for most of the show, members are either marching up- or down-hill, and when you’re not used to doing a six-to-five back-up at 192 up an incline, you’re probably going to find your show more difficult than normal.

We did have two Cadets fall and recover during the show, but ensembly, it was a good performance. The corps sounded stronger than I expected them to considering the adversity of the field, and the audience was especially animated in their reactions (from laughter to screaming to standing up).


After the show, The Cadets drove to Ohio for the second time this season—this time we’re staying in Wilmington. The corps has their third show in a row tonight before a day of rehearsal tomorrow.


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