To have fun and to be clean

A humid day and some logistical challenges, but a great show

Back in New York, The Cadets hornline learned some new choreography in marching rehearsal to accompany the musical changes at the end of “Jingle Bells.” Visual staff members Austin Greene and James Gow came up with the sequence and taught it to the corps yesterday morning as the members sang their parts to the jam-out section. It’s a cool mixture of laidback playing and dance positions, and Marching Caption Supervisor Jarrod Huntley complimented and cautioned the brass players on their approach at the end of the block: “That’s good stuff guys; the crowd’s gonna dig it,” he said. “But we can’t forget that we’re being judged. We’ve got to have fun, and we have to be clean. It has to be precise. It has to be enjoyable. You have to bring your personality to it, and it has to be right.”


After some hot dogs and tater tots, The Cadets muscled through a hot sectionals block and a sweaty, windy ensemble. Then they enjoyed a smorgasbord of meats for dinner: sliced pork loin, pork barbecue, pulled pork and chicken teriyaki, accompanied by rice, potatoes, fresh green beans and salad.

Unfortunately, as the convoy started to roll to the show at 6:00 p.m., the Pathfinder wouldn’t start due to a problem with a fuel pump. Some snap decisions quickly had the scaffolding trailer hooked up to the prop truck, and one of our admin guys, Kevin O’Brien, stayed back with the Pathfinder to see that it got towed last night and fixed this morning. Hopefully Kevin and our missing vehicle will meet up with the convoy tonight.


The show in Fort Edward was a bit of a logistical nightmare as far as the Christmas present props were concerned, but it worked out. This particular stadium is also pretty awkward to perform in when you’re used to marching in a standard football stadium. This particular show takes place on a football field that’s painted over a baseball field in a baseball stadium, so instead of one set of home stands, there are two sections, both kind of angled in towards centerfield. This doesn’t really change much for the members; it just feels less comfortable—not to mention the somewhat bumpy grass.

All things considered, The Cadets had a very strong performance, as they continue to get noticeably stronger and more musically precise each night.

IMAG0991.jpgThe Cadets lined up at attention immediately after their performance

After the show, many of the members and staff walked across the street to Frozen Dreams, a local soft-serve ice cream shop that enjoyed a line stretching out of the parking lot from the time the first corps left the field until the last corps got on the buses.

The Cadets will wake up at 8:00 in Lynn, Massachusetts this morning for a long, odd day. They’ve got a parade at 11:00 a.m. followed by lunch, two rehearsal blocks and a show. Tonight is the inaugural performance of The Cadets2 and the first time the two corps will march in the same show together, so I’ll be heading over to The Cadets2 housing site in a few hours to check out their rehearsals for the day. Look for a video update from Cadets2 as well!


*Thanks to Dawn Duskin and Yuichiro Hidaka for today's photos!


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