A day with The Cadets2

C2 and The Cadets marched on the same turf last for the first time last night


While The Cadets did a morning parade and rehearsed yesterday, I had the great opportunity to head over and watch The Cadets2 rehearse yesterday afternoon before their exhibition performance at The Beanpot Invitational.

Having never been to a C2 rehearsal before, it was interesting to go from The Cadets to The Cadets2 in the same day. The school (Lynn English High School) was papered with familiar yellow sleeping and locker room signs, and the equipment truck we used for all of my marching years and many before that was parked and open behind the school.

On the field, a smaller, younger version of The Cadets was marching Jeff Sacktig’s drill with slow-roll back-up technique and straight legs. And scattered around the field were staff members who wore The Cadets’ uniform not so long ago.

I couldn’t decide if it felt more like watching a new drum corps or remembering scenes from an age-old one.

At lunchtime, I got to sit and talk with visual techs Ali Carraher, a Cadet baritone player who aged out in 2010, and Dana Mendell, a Cadet mellophone player who aged out in 2009. They spoke for the entire staff of the corps as they raved about the members of The Cadets2—from their work ethic to their eagerness to join in The Cadets’ tradition.

“The C2 members have heart,” Ali said. “If they keep working as hard as they do now, there is nothing stopping them. It’s a pleasure working with them.”

And speaking of The Cadets’ tradition, The Cadets2 show, Launch, is a clever combination of The Cadets’ 1992 show, To Tame the Perilous Skies, and the theme of a new beginning. “Launch appropriately represents the excitement and excellence of the C2 inaugural season” Ali said. “Jay Bocook, Jeff Sacktig and the entire design team created an incredible show that will inspire the members and audiences alike.”

The C2 rehearsal schedule flows exactly like The Cadets’—visual, lunch, sectionals, ensemble. Then the corps showered and loaded up for the show, which was a mere 0.7 miles away from their housing site.

The two corps pulled into the show site at the same time, and it was surreal to see a hornline with maroon jackets and pin stripes warming up again. C2 performed their show immediately after The Cadets finished 12.25, and The Cadets stood at stand-by in the endzone to show their support. Afterwards, The Cadets2 did a stand-still performance of their closer (which they’re still putting on the field), and then The Cadets’ hornline met them on the field for a quick, combined encore performance of the Adagio tuning progression and “Jump.”



The evening ended with an ice cream party and nachos at The Cadets’ food truck.


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