More vehicle troubles

The Cadets are rehearsing in beautiful Bristol, RI


Yesterday marked The Cadets’ second and final day in Meriden, CT for the second time this summer, and the corps’ rehearsal schedule looked similar to all the others in that location. The brass and pit spent the full day at the stadium, while the drums and guard stayed at the housing site until ensemble.

Ensemble ended at 6:00 p.m., and the members had one hour to load up their equipment in the truck before the buses took them back to the high school to move out of the school. The food truck served up leftovers for dinner—mostly because a lot of members tend to skip dinner on laundry days so they can eat as much KFC or Taco Bell as they can.

At 7:30, the buses and trucks drove away from yet another high school as if we were never there. And the members got their three and a half hours of free time.

Overnight, we experienced the next (and hopefully last) in a growing list of vehicle troubles. Since our next housing site in Bristol, RI was only two hours away, the equipment and food trucks drove on ahead of the convoy last night so they could go ahead and get to sleep. Unfortunately, the equipment truck apparently hit a rock on the way over which did some major damage to a tire and one of the belly bays, which is now missing a door. It must have been quite the rock:


Despite our vehicle woes, Bristol (and our housing site on the bay at Roger Williams University) is beautifully sunny and clear. It’s 78 degrees with a high of only 82.



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