Fourth of July in Bristol

The perfect place for patriotism

603569_4217827207461_1680684261_n.jpgThere’s nothing like the Fourth of July to break up the monotony of tour, and there’s no better place to spend July 3 and 4 than Bristol, RI.

The Cadets housed right on the bay at Roger Williams University, where they had a somewhat normal rehearsal/show day on July 3—except that many instructors took their sections to the rocky beach for sectionals. The day was gloriously clear with perfect weather, which carried right over into the Bristol show that night.

Just in case the day may have seemed like any other show day, fireworks were going off directly behind the corps for their entire performance. I wish pictures could do it justice; it was such a beautiful addition to the show, and some of us began to wonder if Jay Bocook wrote the music to accompany the fireworks. On the last note of the ballad, a big, gold firework popped in the background; then, perfectly on the “ding” of the bell as the hornline released, each end of the firework burst into its own small firework.

The Cadets delivered another strong performance and broke 80. They returned to the housing site for Fourth of July cake at the food truck. Then, after the corps went to sleep, our faithful volunteers stayed up half the night making wraps for lunch between parades the next day. They much have only gotten a couple of hours to sleep before they were up making French toast.


563395_4220297269211_535968973_n.jpgThe Cadets packed up and left Roger Williams, and the buses dropped them off just a few minutes down the road in Bristol for the 227th edition of the longest-running parade in our nation’s history. Bristol is such a pretty, patriotic town, and probably my favorite stop on this tour. The streets, porches, front yards and balconies were packed with people, all covered in red, white and blue. And surprisingly, most didn’t seem to mind that the corps answered their “Play for us!” chants with “We Need a Little Christmas.”

The members were completely overheated and exhausted by the end, though, and the wraps, apples and chips that the Carrot People worked so hard on the night before were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

Everyone appreciated the two-hour trip to Wakefield, MA for our second and shorter parade. Afterwards, The Cadets had a couple hours of free time and a cookout before the seven-mile drive back to Lynn, MA.



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