Pictures by Paulo

Rehearsal day intermixed with professional photography

181388_4294915256069_1562637633_n.jpgFor another day of something different, The Cadets’ rehearsal day in Lynn, MA yesterday was intermixed with corps picture day.

Normally, each member just gets one yearbook-style picture taken: They put on the top half of their uniform and get a bust shot taken in their uniform. These are available for purchase, and they all go into a little booklet that gets passed out at banquet (so in future years, everyone can remember who they marched with that year).

But this year, we have a photographer on staff, Paulo Tavares, who is taking things up a notch. Paulo specializes in action photography, so he used a green screen and took several pictures of each member in full uniform. To make the shots authentic, he asked the drummers to play and the horn players to mimic playing as much as possible. Each Cadet had the chance to do a couple of different poses, so they’ll get to choose the one they like best. I’m not sure what the background will look like yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

If you’d like to see some of Paulo’s work, check out his website at

Meanwhile, The Cadets rehearsed yesterday, as they prepare for another line-up of three shows in a row this weekend. The corps will perform in Quincy, MA tonight, and then in Jackson, NJ Saturday and Chambersburg, PA Sunday.

The YEA! office staff has been working hard on the home front to organize the Saturday and Sunday shows; these are home shows for The Cadets, and The Cadets2 will be performing at the Jackson show as well. Tickets are selling fast, but if you’re in the area, plan on coming out to support The Cadets at our local events!



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