Last day in Massachusetts

Gradually putting in more changes


The Cadets rehearsed in Lynn, MA again yesterday, mostly working to finalize a few more changes that went into the show over the past couple of days. The main adjustment is in the music in the long hold in “Carol of the Bells;” the goal is to make the moment more effective and improve timing.

It’s that time of the year, so the corps will likely learn many more changes in the coming rehearsal days. This requires the members to carefully think through each performance, and many times during shows they’ll call out, “Change!” to each other in the rests to make sure no one accidentally goes on autopilot.

Last night’s run-through felt a little uneasy because of the new material, but overall, The Cadets performed well in Quincy, MA. After some leftover lasagna and sandwiches for snack, the corps quickly packed up and drove six hours to Jackson, NJ for the first of two home shows in a row.


The Cadets are sharing their housing at the show site with The Cadets2, since there are plenty of fields to go around. It’s going to be a hot day of rehearsal, with a high of exactly 100 degrees. Although the fields are bumpy and less than ideal, perhaps it’s a good day not to have turf, considering the temperature. The medical staff and volunteers are faithfully making sure both corps have plenty of ice and Heat Guard, so the members just have to stay hydrated and push through the heat.


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