Weather woes

Jackson heat and storms didn't cancel The Cadets' home show

IMAG1043.jpgDespite a short but scary electrical storm, the Jackson, N.J. show did go on. Read also YEA CEO George Hopkins' account of the evening's excitement.

At first, the day seemed normal. The Cadets and Cadets2 rehearsed through the miserable, 100-degree heat in Jackson, N.J. Saturday. While the crunchy, clumpy grass made it more difficult on the members’ legs and the hornline’s chops (lips), they were fortunate not to have a turf stadium yesterday, as that would have added at least 10 degrees to the temperature on the field.

The volunteers worked together to cook for both corps all day, and the meals were staggered to cut down on time spent in the food line. YEA! CEO George Hopkins had built in an extra fruit snack and an extra-long show-prep/dinner into the schedule to allow everyone to recover a little before the show, and while we tried to remain optimistic about the weather, it became dreadfully clear that the impending doom wasn’t going to miss us.

Perhaps a few minutes too late, the YEA! staff (who were diligently setting up the show) helped everyone who was already in the stadium run for cover, as huge clouds swirled towards us in a greenish-gray sky. Then it hit with full force. The souvie tents were already set up with their red and green tents in front, and a huge gust of wind tore one out of the ground and flipped it over a group of people into a Penske van YEA! had rented for the day. Show coordinator Nic Broussard sprinted over to make sure everyone was okay with George Hopkins right behind him. As everyone else ran indoors, they stood in the pounding rain with several other YEA! staff members, desperately clinging to the tent to keep it from causing further damage.

Thankfully, the storm blew over in about 30 minutes, and lightning ceased shortly thereafter. The show was pushed back an hour, putting The Cadets’ performance after 11 p.m., and The Cadets2 even later. But amazingly, the stands were packed and only one ticket remained unsold. The air remained sticky with humidity, but refreshingly cool after a long day of blistering heat. Thanks so much to everyone who came out in spite of the weather!




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