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Cadets2 'Launch' onto the Competitive Field This Weekend

Here's the Weekend Schedule

Cadets2 take to the competitive field for the very first time this weekend during a schedule which has them splitting time between Allentown and Clifton, NJ.

While The Cadets are in the Midwest competing in the DCI circuit, we invite all of the corps fans, friends and alumni to join us as we make history this weekend.

Here's the schedule for the first-ever weekend of competition.


Friday - Allentown

7:55 "The Weekend" at East Side Youth Center

8:00 Visual

10:00 Meeting

10:15 Travel to South Mountain Middle School

10:30  Snack

11:00 Bed


Saturday (Clifton, NJ)

5:30 Up

6:15 Depart

7:30 Arrive in Clifton / eat

8:30 "The Day"

8:35 S & R

9:00 Visual

10:30 Brass Warm up

11:00 Eat

11:45 Sectionals

2:00 Ensemble

3:45 Eat & Shower

5:30 Warm-up

6:50 Gate

7:04 First Performance Ever

9:45 Snack

10:45 Depart

12:30 Arrive A-town


Sunday - Allentown

7:30 Up

8:30 Rehearse

2:00 Done




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