The Show of Shows

First TOC show went smoothly with the top 8 corps last night


The CBCCG rehearsing for the first TOC show last night

Yesterday The Cadets performed in the first Tour of Champions show of the 2012 season. The corps arrived at the show and went through their warm-up routine as usual. When the corps marched onto the field, I have to admit that I was worried that they would have a rough run-through. The grass at the Rockford show is very thick, and as a fellow Cadet alum said while she was helping wheel props onto the field, “My hamstrings hurt just thinking about marching through this!”

But the corps was fantastic. The staff was smiling at the end, and every member I talked to seemed to agree that this was their best show yet. This Cadet drum corps responds very well to adversity.


After the show, a talk with the staff and some water, the corps formed a block next to the Boston Crusaders and the Cavaliers behind the stadium, while Phantom Regiment finished performing. Each member received a TOC name tag with their first name, city and state/country. Then seven of the top eight corps (everyone but Phantom) made their way back onto the field for the mass encore.

As an interesting side note, DCI changed the format a bit from last year: Since Phantom performed last, they didn’t do the mass encore. This is because last year in Rockford, The Cadets performed last and had eight members pass out during the encore because they didn’t have enough time after their show to get water.

After “Firedance,” the drum majors were called “front and center” for the scores.

The first TOC show went over well, and the stands remained packed until the end of the night. The Cadets pulled out of the lot at 11:45 p.m. and arrived safely in Lee’s Summit, Missouri at 9:00 a.m. today. Breakfast is just starting now (at 11:15 a.m.), so it’ll be a quick day of rehearsal!


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