Brutal heat in the Midwest

Sweltering temperatures in Kansas and Oklahoma break the 100-degree mark


Yuichiro took this great photo of Joe Roche's last day of PT with the corps this week!

There’s no getting around it: It’s hot. The Cadets toughed it out in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Kansas yesterday with a high of 104. To get to our housing site at Douglass High School, we basically drove to Wichita and then headed 30 minutes straight down a one-way road through the corn fields (which were all prematurely brown and dry).

The stadium and all rehearsal fields were grass, not turf, but that didn’t provide much relief from the heat. The volunteers were sweating it out on the food truck as well, to say the least. Being in a tractor trailer with multiple ovens on can’t be fun, but the corps enjoyed their chicken nuggets for lunch and pork tenderloin for dinner. The generator on the admin RV died as well, so few of us escaped the brutal heat of the Midwest yesterday.

315322_10101790791521319_963257201_n (1).jpg

After lunch, the brass staff tried to find nooks of shade where the hornline could warm-up before heading to the field for the rest of the rehearsal day. The corps finished ensemble at 4:45, took uncomfortably hot showers and headed for the show at Wichita State University at 6:30.

Cessna Stadium is a great show site, though the stands were less than full. Because of the dry heat, the corps were all kicking up dust on the grass field, and it was one of the few windy shows The Cadets’ colorguard has endured this year.


Admittedly, the corps felt drained last night. These long days are grueling, and it’s incredibly difficult to adjust to heat like this.

And speaking of adjusting to unrelenting heat, it’s 104 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma today, and The Cadets are marching on turf. We’ve got ice and Gatorade to get them through, and they’ll be set up to have a great show tonight!


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