104 degrees and counting

The Cadets continue to tough out July temperatures


255301_10151106567011508_1500280766_n.jpgThese are the days when The Cadets get stronger (not to mention tanner and skinnier). Yesterday was a hotter, synthetic-turf version of the day before with a high of 104 degrees in Bartlesville, OK. But the members got through it. Patrick Duncan practically bought Wal-Mart out of Gatorade so that the corps would have a refreshing surprise after ensemble.

Unfortunately, the administrative staff received a not-so-refreshing surprise after ensemble. On the sweaty ride to the show (since our generator had died the day before), the admin RV stalled on a bridge in sight of the stadium lights at Broken Arrow High School. Thankfully, our driver, Ed Martin, got it to start and managed to get us to the show, but that seemed to be all she had left. Apparently, it blew the head gasket.

So amidst timing the walks to the stadium, getting each section the gate on time, and packing up/hitching up everything after the show, the admin team moved our lives out of the RV and onto several other vehicles in the convoy. Meanwhile, The Cadets were good last night. They are getting better, and that will become vastly more apparent when they aren’t performing in 95-degree heat with wind.

Once the convoy was packed up and resituated, we piled onto the staff bus, and until we see the RV again, we’ve rented an SUV to get us down the road. Transportation Director Jay Travis and Ed Martin stayed back last night to get the vehicle to a mechanic this morning, and they’re currently en route in the rental car to meet back up with the corps.

Today is another hot one, this time in Corinth, Texas. It’s 101 outside (undoubtedly much hotter on the turf) with a show in Denton tonight.


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