Alumni to Celebrate Reunion and Hall Inductees

Hall of Fame Induction and Alumni Gathering Coming Aug. 5

Have you made plans to be at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., on Aug. 5 for the Alumni Reunion and the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony? It is coming up soon so make sure to send your RSVP today to Brad Martin at

This will be an exciting afternoon for The Cadets' alumni. Not only will the celebration feature members from all the years that end with a "2" as well as 1987, all alumni are welcome. And don’t forget, we will be raffling off a week's stay at St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. This is a vacation worth nearly $10,000 and it can be yours, but you have to be there to win!

The Hall of Fame Committee, led by Eric Santo, will be adding four new members. Gino Cipriani, George Lucas, Greg Lagola and Bob Bellarosa will be inducted into this prestigious group at the Lexus Lounge inside MetLife Stadium at 4 p.m. with the reunion beginning at 5:30 p.m. All you will need to enter the stadium at 4 p.m. is your show ticket and an e-ticket pass that you can get by sending an email to There is no admission charge for the reunion or the ceremony. You can purchase tickets to the Tour of Champions show at

We already have lots of alumni who have RSVP’d. Take a look at the list below and make sure you are there on Aug. 5 so you can catch up with friends!


Dave Shaw, 1952                                   Jackie Murray, 1982

Walter Taormina, 1952                           Donna Schiavone, 1982

Allen Handzo, 1962                                   Eric and Kathy Santo, 1982

Owen McGarry, 1962                               Kelly Smith, 1982

Jim Messina, 1962                                 Kevin Ullrich, 1982

Pat Vazquez, 1962                               Christine Gilbert, 1982

Greg Cinzio, 1972                                   David Zins, 1982

Jackie Colao, 1972                                   Stephen Prosser, 1992

Paul Deliberto, 1972                               Scott Tomlin, 1992

Cindi DeVivo, 1972                                   Andy Warntz, 1992

Ed Frenzel, 1972                                     Robert Mattera, 2002          

John Ludgate, 1972                               Kim Carter, 1987

Don Polzo, 1972                                     Michelle De Rosa, 1987

Deborah Ripke, 1972                               Wendy Dorer, 1987

Denise Schlachter, 1972                         Melinda Eshbach, 1987

Renee Strutton, 1972                           Bob Gupta, 1987

Patricia Trojanowski, 1972                     Will Higgins, 1987

Lou Ann Vitale, 1972                               Jerome Kimbrough, 1987

Donna Boroskey, 1982                           John Klesaris, 1987

Denis Bradley, 1982                           Ross Kramer, 1987

Alyssa Comino, 1982                             Maggie Temple, 1987

Susan Croll, 1982                               Kristen Lemieux, 1987

Eileen Duffy, 1982                               Lorraine Letzia, 1987

Cheryl Gillick, 1982                               Yvette Byrne-Menard, 1987

Mark Holub, 1982                                 Lee Nicol, 1987

Janet Huppi, 1982                                   Tom Pheysey, 1987

Dave Helms, 1982                                   Karen Protopapas, 1987

Nicole Roach, 1987 John & Kelly Broschak, 1985

Jack Day, 1964-1966 George DeOld, 1964-1970

Kathleen Duffy, 1981 Margee Gearhart, 1969-1971

Jeff Kozol, 1989 Laura Masker, 1969-1970

Kelly Sophy, 1985-1986 Scott Tomlin, 1989-1990

Karl Fortsch, 1966-1967


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