Rave reviews for the Cadets Online Book

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GET READY, IT'S HERE...the all new updated, upgraded, on-line "Story of The Cadets" is at www.theholynamecadets.net.

Steve Vickers, Publisher of Drum Corps World, had this to say in his
review of the new on-line version of "The Story of The Cadets,"

"I supposed I was among the first to order a copy of the book produced
for The Cadets’ 75th anniversary three years ago.  When I opened that
package, I was totally blown away by the scope, quality and extensive
research that obviously went into the project.

When Dave Shaw told me he and the team of Greg Cinzio, Kevin Ullrich,
Paul Arthur, and John Ogle (all Cadet Alumni) were working on taking
the book to another level, I was intrigued.  Given the advances in on-line
publishing, I knew they would do a great job incorporating some
additional attributes that a physical printed book couldn’t offer and
what they delivered is nothing short of spectacular. In fact, it is
the finest -- without question in my mind -- presentation of a drum
and bugle corps’ history that I’ve ever seen.

In The Cadets' new on-line history the clarity of the photographic
images, the immense cross-section of material from every year and
every era of the corps’ fruitful and successful lineage is an effective “selling tool” for whatever purpose the organization uses it for in the future.

The Internet version now includes an incredible number of audio files
-- both musical and individuals expressing their feelings about the
corps or some historical moment that they recall from their time
marching.  When you download the file, be sure to set aside a
good number of hours to thoroughly experience the variety of things to
look at and see.  It’s kind of hard to believe that the team
who were responsible for this massive undertaking were able to
accumulate so much material and get it organized into a logical and
attractive package.

I advise everyone to head over to www.theholynamecadets.net

site and check out this truly unbelieveable production."


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