New prop covers in Denton

The first of several Texas shows


Yesterday was just another hot, hundred-degree show day for The Cadets, this time in Denton Texas. The corps rehearsed on the sweltering turf all day, while any available staff members were busy in the gym sanding down the present props and applying the newly printed panels to their sides. Each giant gift is covered in a close-up photo of the different color guard uniform fabric, and the purple on in front has a Velcro panel that tears off to reveal an image of a church steeple for the ballad and closer.

The color guard missed ensemble yesterday to help finish recovering the props, and all but the green one was finished for the show last night. The prop crew is putting the final touches— some shiny tape for ribbon and giant bows—on today, and they’ll be ready for the show in Houston tonight.


We’d also like to say a special thank-you to the crew from Wakeland High School, who lent some very helpful hands to the prop crew last night. Thanks guys!


The Cadets performed at 9:50 last night in the first of several very impressive high school stadiums in Texas. The show continues to take strides forward each night, and the new prop décor definitely helped. We’ve got two more show days in a row here before our free day on Sunday and rehearsal day on Monday. 




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