Blue (Bell) Christmas

Ice cream and pool time break up the monotony of Christmas in July

It’s a regional day! The Cadets are rehearsing in San Antonio, Texas today after another great performance in Houston last night. The temperature backed down just a little yesterday for a high of 97 instead of 100+, but it was still plenty hot on the turf during rehearsal. The Cadets awoke at 8:00 a.m., loaded the buses and headed three miles down the road to the stadium for the day.


Not only was the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory tempting the corps from right across the street; the Blue Bell Leisure Pool shared a parking lot with the stadium, complete with water slides and plenty of colorful fountains. By Eat, Pack, Load, both desires were fulfilled. George allowed the members a little time at the pool after an early ensemble, so they could cool down and relax before the show. A couple of volunteers had spoken with the folks at Blue Bell, and they donated 300 ice cream sandwiches to The Cadets at dinner.


Then it was back to drum corps as usual. The Cadets showered, packed the trucks and headed down the road about 55 miles to the Berry Center, a glorious community facility you would only find in Texas. This was the second Tour of Champions show of the year, so the top eight reconvened in random order and finished out the night with another mass encore. The Cadets performed third and had an unusually long time to wait in uniform before the encore. Then snack was finally served, and the convoy left for San Antonio at 11:50 p.m.



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