Many more changes went over well last night

Merry Christmas in July!


Another Texas week is in the books, and though it may have been one of the hotter swings through the Lone Star State, The Cadets certainly conquered the adversity and got immensely better. To recap: The corps spent the last two days in Dallas — the first rehearsing, the second rehearsing and competing. George Hopkins and the design staff had another round of changes on the agenda, and they began teaching, changing and tweaking first thing Monday morning. (Changes always happen in waves throughout the summer because The Cadets want to polish what they have for each weekend regional show.)

The front ensemble added a Night Before Christmas sample to the beginning of the preshow, and there are a couple new Peanuts samples as well — one quote about Christmas commercialism from Lucy in the beginning of “Jingle Bells,” and a different portion of dialogue between Charlie Brown and Linus about “what Christmas is all about” at the beginning of the closer.

The hornline also made some changes to the music, but nothing major. They also added a turn front-field in the climactic chord of “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

We’ve also had some major visual changes to the show: The prop crew assembled and added in the giant bows on the gift props last night, and they worked hard all day yesterday to finish stapling the new Christmas tree fabric onto the judge blockers (panels on the front sideline) as well.


Yesterday the corps woke up at 8 a.m. to resume the familiar show-day schedule. We were staying at the show site, though, so the blocks were a little longer than normal. The stadium at Lake Highlands High School is highly impressive, and the height of the press box is perfect for cleaning the show. The Cadets performed very well last night (despite the wind for the color guard!), and the changes seemed successful.

We’re now back in Oklahoma, this time in Edmond, with a show tonight and a high of 102.


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