Corps rehearsing at historic Little Rock Central HS today

Cadets got to sleep in a bit after another long, hot day yesterday


Though several Cadets admitted that they felt more tired than normal in the show last night, their performance at the University of Central Oklahoma last night seemed as vivacious as ever. But if they did feel tired, it was entirely justifiable. A 102-degree day spent out on the turf in Edmond, Oklahoma would drain anyone, especially with dry heat and wind that cause sweat to evaportate more quickly. In effect, this keeps the members sweating more than normal all day long, potentially draining them of some extra energy.

The color guard put up a strong fight against that wind once again in the show last night, and it only picked up from there. The drivers could hardly take a hand off the steering wheel to talk to each other on the radios for the first couple of hours of last night's drive.

But we made great time. The convoy pulled up to Little Rock Central High School an hour earlier than expected, and George graciously allowed the members to sleep in until 9:00 a.m. anyway. Unfortunately, the water in the high school wasn't turned on until 9:00 as well, so that provided for a bit of an interesting morning and a few color guard members taking bathing-suit showers at the food truck before breakfast.

In case you aren't aware, this is our second year staying at Little Rock Central, the site of the famous forced integration incident in 1957 (you may recognize the scene from the movie, Forrest Gump). The "Little Rock Nine" are among the most significant figures in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Today, the school looks eerily similar to all the back-and-white photographs, though much of it is now covered in rust.



The Cadets will rehearse in the big stadium here today until they pack up for the show tonight!


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