Laundry day, rehearsal day, home show day

Lots to get done in Landisville

The Cadets are in their third and final day of rehearsal at Landisville Middle School in Landisville, PA. The corps had two days with no competition—a laundry day on Monday and a long rehearsal day yesterday—followed by the West Chester show tonight.

The corps woke up at 8:00 a.m. yesterday and started the day with a hearty, four-hour visual block. This was a mental marathon for the members who have been far removed from the long rehearsals of Spring Training, but they needed the time to tweak and clean the show more thoroughly than short show days allow. Pennsylvania temperatures have remained much more comfortable than in the Midwest and South over the past few weeks, with highs only reaching the mid-80s.


This has come with some rain, however, and unfortunately, a dark thunderstorm cancelled the planned community ensemble and performance last night. The Cadets completed the first, normal portion of ensemble, and after a 15-minute break, lightning sent everyone inside. They tried once more to go out and perform for the community, but the lightning proved too dangerous, and George was forced to cancel.

Today is overcast, and it’s only in the upper 70s outside right now. The first of this week’s Cadets home shows is tonight, and the YEA! staff is already en route to West Chester University (which happens to be George Hopkins’ alma mater) to set up the event. We hope to see you there!



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