Rehearsing smart before the big shows

The summer is wrapping up fast!

It’s so hard to believe that this is The Cadets’ last rehearsal day before finals week, but the corps is hard at work once again for the eighty-third day in a row this summer. This round of rehearsal blocks is in Stratford, Connecticut, and today is a day of logistics. The convoy pulled into the small parking lot of Stratford High School around 3:00 a.m., while the food and equipment trucks headed straight to Bunnell High School a few miles down the road.

Back at Stratford High, everyone blew up their air mattresses and settled into bed until 8:00 a.m. Unfortunately, only the drivers had a room with air conditioning, so the members and staff had somewhat muggy accommodations. However, we only secured this housing site within the last week, so we’re very grateful to the custodial staff and faculty for their last-minute hospitality.

Throughout the morning, the admin team shuttled the food truck volunteers and then field liners and scaffolding crew over to Bunnell to get breakfast going and fields painted and set-up. At 8:00 a.m., the rest of the corps woke up, left their sleeping gear and suit cases behind and drove over to Bunnell for the day. The corps will utilize the fields and stadium there and then drive back over to Stratford to shower and sleep again tonight.

Starting yesterday, Visual Caption Head Jarrod Huntley began the recovery process in The Cadets’ visual rehearsal. The staff has been working the members very hard, and now it’s time to let their muscles rebuild before finals week. The corps is still rehearsing just as much, but Jarrod structures the blocks so that the different sections alternate who is on the field cleaning drill. (So there might be a few reps where the color guard can rest while the horns and drums march, then they switch, or on a smaller scale, the low brass might do some reps and then the high brass take their turn.)

The Cadets have two very important home shows this weekend. We’re looking forward to Allentown tomorrow night and MetLife on Sunday!


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