It's Tour of Champions Show Day | Don't Miss the BIG Show @ MetLife Stadium

Weather Looks Great; Box Office opens at 4PM

toclogo300.jpgToday is the FINAL day for you to pre-order your seats for the Tour of Champions Grand Finale at MetLife Stadium set for tomorrow, Sunday night at 7PM.

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The weather looks as if it will cooperate, and while warm and humid, should be breezy and perfect conditions for the FINAL drum corps show in the East this summer.



After Friday evenings contest, day one of the DCI Eastern Classic is in the books, with the Blue Devils leading Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment following closely in third and Bluecoats rounding out the first half of the four corps featured in the Tour of Champions on Sunday night.

Results from DCI Eastern Classic - Friday Aug. 3, Allentown

Place Corps   Score
 World Class
1 Blue Devils   95.100
2 Carolina Crown   93.950
3 Phantom Regiment   92.250
4 Bluecoats   90.300
5 Spirit of Atlanta   84.200
6 Pacific Crest   76.650
7 Troopers   76.050
8 Colts   75.300
9 Mandarins   69.950
10 Pioneer   65.450


The Cadets, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cavaliers and Boston Crusaders will take to the field this evening in Allentown, before all four corps come together for a final time before the World Championships next week.

This is a showdown you do not want to miss.

Tour of Champions Event

Of course, the Tour of Champions comes with its own very special approach to drum corps which begins with individual and small ensemble performances throughout the Marketplace area and inside the stadium. Here's a look at the performance schedule:

Spectator entrance

  • 6:00 Phantom Dance
  • 6:12 Cadets Guard
  • 6:20 Crown Brass
  • 6:28 Blue Devil Euphonium
  • 6:40 Bluecoats Mixed Ensemble


  • 6:04 Crown Singers
  • 6:16 Cadet Bass Drums
  • 6:24 Cavaliers Solo
  • 6:36 Cavaliers Trumpets
  • 6:44 Bluecoats Tenor Drum
  • 6:52 Blue Devil Tenor Drum
  • 8:48 Boston Snare Drum
  • 8:56 Vanguard Mixed Ensemble
  • 9:04 Boston Dance
  • 9:12 Vanguard Cymbals


  • 6:00 Cadets Bass Drums
  • 6:08 Cavaliers Solo
  • 6:20 Bluecoats Tenor Drum
  • 6:28 Blue Devils Tenor Drums
  • 6:36 Phantom Mixed Ensemble
  • 6:44 Blue Devils Euphonium
  • 6:52 Cadets Guard
  • 8:52 Boston Dance
  • 9:00 Boston Snare
  • 9:08 Vanguard Mixed Ensemble


  • 6:12 Phantom Mixed Ensemble
  • 6:24 Bluecoats Mixed Ensemble
  • 6:36 Crown Singers
  • 6:44 Cadets Bass Drums
  • 8:48 Vanguard Mixed Ensemble


  • 6:16 Cavaliers Solo
  • 6:28 Phantom Dance
  • 6:40 Cadets Guard
  • 6:48 Crown Brass Ensemble

After the Cadets performance, stay in your seats for an amazing 700-member brass ensemble with 250 flags swirling in a kaleidoscope of amazing music, power and pageantry!

Click here to see a video of the en masse performance.
Click here to see a compilation of the Tour of Champions event in Houston.


The best seats in all sections are selling fast and we expect to break last year’s attendance record, so we encourage you to order your tickets in advance! You can order them HERE.

VIP Tickets on the mezzanine are $125 with only a few remaining.

Super Premium seats on your choice of all three levels (Lower, Mezzanine, Upper) are $75

Premium seats are the fastest sellers in both the Lower and Mezzanine levels and are $49

Reserved seats in the best sections are selling quickly in the Lower and Mezzanine levels. $29


The Alumni Chapter Reunion and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is being held at the plush accommodations of the West Hall Club at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Attractions include a chance for a trip to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, memorabilia, gifts and more.

Planning to see the corps at Championships in Indianapolis? Make plans to stop by the Palomino Restaurant and Bar at 4 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10 for a celebration of The Cadets. Located on the corner of Illinois and Maryland in the heart of downtown Indy, this upscale restaurant is just a short walk from Lucas Oil Stadium and several major hotels including The Marriott and The Hyatt Regency.

Contact Brad Martin at for full details on alumni doings.


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