Home-show weekend wrap-up

A great start to finals week

It’s officially finals week for The Cadets, and spirits are bright after a weekend of home shows, large crowds, great competition and lots of alumni and family.

On Saturday morning, the corps arrived at MetLife Stadium at 9:30. This year we were able to park the buses inside the gate to the stadium in addition to the food truck, but that meant jumping through a couple of extra security hoops. Police dogs had to sniff through each bus to check for bombs before the security guards could lower the barricade and let them in.


After that, the members got to rehearse in one of the newest and nicest professional football stadiums in the nation, and the most expensive built in the United States to date. The visual staff practically had an aerial viewpoint to clean drill in the top row of bleachers, and of course the acoustics of the stadium make the corps sound even better than normal.


After a show-day rehearsal schedule on Saturday, The Cadets packed up and left for the second night of the DCI Eastern Classic (DCI East) back home in Allentown, Pa. The two-hour bus ride over provided much-needed nap time for the members, and the corps arrived on their home turf ready to perform their best show yet.


J. Birney Crum stadium is, in my opinion, the perfect drum corps venue. The stands are built into the steep hill, and the stadium is always packed with drum corps fans. At the beginning of the show, The Cadets2 made their inaugural appearance in J. Birney—another significant and memorable moment for this young drum corps.

418247_3495203668571_1398977535_n.jpgThe Cadets had a fantastic show Saturday night as well, and after some time with friends and family in the lot, the convoy drove back to New Jersey. They spent another full day rehearsing in MetLife on Sunday, and storm clouds gradually rolled in later in the afternoon.

A large crowd poured into the stadium for the Tour of Champions Grand Finale, but soon a prerecorded message instructed everyone to find safety from lightning inside the stadium concourse until further notice. The show was delayed, but The Cadets2 did eventually step off about an hour and a half later than scheduled. At 9:00 p.m., officials made the call that the show would be an exhibition only. The Cadets went on last after 11:00 p.m.,  which meant the convoy didn’t depart for Ohio until 1:05 a.m.

We rolled in at 10:30 this morning, and the Day Meeting just ended. It’s a laughably short day before the last regular-season show in Massillon this evening.


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