Audition for The Cadets for the Summer of 2013

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Join the ranks of young men and women interested in auditioning for The Cadets.

  • November 16–17–18 — Guard and Percussion Auditions at Woodstown High School in N.J.
  • December 7–8–9 — Brass and Percussion Auditions
  • December 27–28–29–30 — Four-Day Camp for Brass and Percussion

This season will see a very cut-back winter schedule:
Brass: One camp in January and one the end of April.
Percussion: One camp in January and March, none in February.
At this juncture as the team is re-signed; commitments are in place from:
George Hopkins — director
Jeff Sacktig — visual designer
Jay Bocook — brass arranger
Gino Cipriani — brass supervisor
Colin McNutt — percussion supervisor and arranger
Information on auditions will be available September but get on the list today!

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