Merry Christmas to all

Congratulations to the 2012 Cadets on a fabulous season and finals performance

As I write from the passenger seat of the Pathfinder on the way back to Allentown, Cadets members and staff are gradually scattering back to their homes across the nation and world. The bus departed the Westin Hotel for Indianapolis International Airport after Banquet ended at 2:00 this afternoon.

The gifts have been exchanged between members and staff, the final goodbyes said, and the tearful hugs let go. Much like Christmas, Finals seemed to take forever to get here, and then pass by all too quickly. Best friends and new members of the Cadets family celebrated this Christmas season over a big brunch at the Westin today. Each section in the drum corps gave gifts to their staff members, and the staff gave out awards to those Cadets who truly exemplified the spirit of this corps and this season.

“It’s actually a little contrary to our philosophy here,” George Hopkins said as he initiated the awards portion of the banquet. “We can only work as a team, and we’re only ever as strong as our weakest link, and as the staff will tell you again and again today, we can’t possibly recognize everyone. All these kids worked so hard, and it almost seems unfair to recognize some above others. But we do want to take the time to recognize a few members who truly went above and beyond the call of duty.”

Congratulations to the 2012 Cadets on an inspiring season and a fantastic finals run-through, and to the following members and staff who received awards today:

Brass Cadet of the Year: Jesse Garcia

Percussion Cadet of the Year: Kelsey Adams

Colorguard Cadet of the Year: Kristy Beohmer

Marching Cadet of the Year: Julian Johnson

Brass Rookie of the Year: Jeff Richardson

Percussion Rookie of the Year: The entire 2012 snare line: Drew Anderson, Christian Clark, Joe DeLosa, Sean Moran, Alex Ollivierre, Adam Swan, Moises Urena and Elliott Wittstruck

Colorguard Rookie of the Year: Lindsay Beaumont

Marching Rookie of the Year: Kristopher Davis


Brass Distinguished Service: Zack Travis, Allison Pryor, Nicholas McKibben and Mike Phillips

Percussion Distinguished Service: Alex Beltran, Taylor Yozwiak and Greg Banks

Colorguard Distinguished Service: Evan Turner, Lauryn Heller and Christy Hobby

Marching Distinguished Service: Mike Roberts, Robby Barton, Mike McNeill

Volunteers of the Year: The entire Carrot Crew


MVP: Jay Travis


Staff Member of the Year: Jake Gall


Rookie Staff Member of the Year: Austin Greene


Lifetime Achievement Award: Jason (JJ) Ihnat

Colorguard Lifetime Achievement Award: Ashley Pittman

Colorguard Lifetime Achievement Award: Mallory Yohannan


Special Recognition: Kendra Orcutt


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