I've Been Nominated for the All-Star Band, Now What?

Steps to take if you've been nominated for the USBands Disney Band

allstarCongratulations! If you’ve been nominated by your band director, parent or peer, you’ve been recognized as one of the most talented, dedicated and hardest working members of your band. And what’s more, you’ll have the chance to represent your band, your school and your family in the 2012 USBands All-Star Band event at Disney Parks in Florida this Nov. 29–Dec. 2.
If you’ve been nominated, but have not yet completed the formal application and submitted your non-refundable deposit, we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. The first deadline for the USBands All-Star Band israpidly approaching and your application needs to be received by Aug. 31.

Please take a few minutes to complete the application at USBandsAll-StarBand.org.

Here are three simple steps for you to take to make sure you are part of this history-making event!

Step No. 1: Register today at USBandsAll-StarBand.org. The non-refundable registration fee is $45.
Step No. 2: You will be contacted by a member of the USBands or Music America staff in order to confirm your participation.
Step No. 3: Make your travel arrangements to attend the Nov. 29–Dec. 2 event in Disney Parks in Florida.
 If you have not been nominated, or would like to nominate yourself or a member of your band, please complete the 2012 USBands All-Star Marching Band Application.


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