USBands Show Staff Descriptions

Be a volunteer or show staff team member for the new USBands!

At all USBands sanctioned shows we will provide the following show staff members in addition to judges. 

Event Manager - Representative of the USBands office or YEA! to over see larger events such as Regional or State Championships. 

Show Cordinator - This staff member is usually in the front of the performance area to maintain timing and pacing of the event. Their main job is to communicate with all staff/ volunteers / and bands prior to event to make sure everyone knows what they need to know. Once the show begins, the SC communicates with judges to coordinate cues for announcer, and will run the award cermony at the conclusion of the show

Assistant Cordinator - This member of your event team assists the coordinator with on-site preparations for the event. During the show, the AC is stationed at the band entrance gate and directs bands on/off the field. The AC also distributes score sheets and organizes and monitors the post-show critique. 

Tabulator - Within this job you will be located near the judges, sometimes in the press box or on the field level - but must be close to an outlet! The tabulator will enter scores and runs reports utilizing the USBands tabulation software program and portable printer. The tabulator also assists the show coordinator during the awards ceremony. When using digital recorders an additonal AC may be provided to help the tabulator with the new technology. 


Volunteer opportunities for USBands Regional Shows  



Merchandise Sales

Program, 50/50 Sellers 

Judge Runner


If you are interested in any of above opportunities and available for the upcoming fall season contact Nic Broussard at with the email subject of "2012 Event Staff - Your State" (TX, NJ, PA etc)


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