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Play What The Cadets Play

Cadets and Cadets2 instruments and guard equipment for sale

The Cadets and Cadets2 have packed up their equipment trucks for the last time, and YEA! is offering fantastic prices on these briefly used, professional level instruments. All of the 2012 Cadets and Cadets2 brass and concert percussion instruments, as well as the color guard flags and props, are available for purchase while supplies last!


This includes Yamaha trumpets, mellophones, baritones, tubas, marimbas, vibraphones, chimes and more. And, in addition to a selection of beautiful flags, The Cadets’ judge blockers (front sideline panels) and Christmas present props – both large field props and small boxes— are also available.

Yamaha manufactures quality instruments designed to last through years of weather in the marching band activity, and after just one season, the instruments are in great condition. A long-term investment in these brass and percussion instruments is truly worthwhile.


Please contact Sarah Chauvin at for pricing details.


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