One month since finals

A nostalgic look ahead


Well, it’s been a month. Odd sock and harness tan lines are barely beginning to fade as the weather hints that summer is officially ending. It’s hard to believe it’s been a month already, but equally strange that it’s only been 31 days.

A month ago today, The 2012 Cadets woke up to their final day of rehearsal at Knightstown High School. It was the last day of that painfully familiar routine, the last day of eating out of a truck, the last show warm-up, and the last night that many would perform in the uniform. Then 150 friends packed up and moved away, back to the real world.

And suddenly, daily life no longer required a metronome.

For most Cadets, school is back in session, with homework on weeknights and football on the weekends. Solo showers that seemed oddly lonely in August have become normal again, and now The Cadets can decide for themselves when to nap and what to eat for lunch.

But just as quickly as this season ended, discussions about the 2013 show concept are already well underway. George and the design team are tossing around ideas and making plans for November, when a new installment of this legacy will begin to take form.

Happy one-month anniversary of a laudable finals performance, Cadets. Enjoy the fall, as we begin to look forward to 2013.


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