Fall Access has new faces!

Jon, Melissa and Allison team up to form video trifecta

fall access2.jpg

This year, all three media faces from YEA! are coming together to co-host Fall Access: Season 2!

Last year’s Fall Access guy, Jon Swengler; the host of our indoor season series, The Spin, Melissa Reese; and The 2012 Cadets’ All Access host, Allison Watkins, are teaming up to bring you video updates from as many USBands events as we can possibly cover.

If you’re new to Fall Access this year, this is our way of keeping you up to date on exactly what’s going on in the world of USBands. Check us out for upcoming events, show coverage, news and maybe even some fun contests!

fall access1.jpg

You can view our first 2012 video update here.

And if you see Jon, Melissa or Allison at your band show, come up and say hello! We’d love to get to know you.


Be sure to check the USBands Facebook page and USBands.org for new videos, and we look forward to a fantastic season of Fall Access!


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