Cadets to Change Color Guard Caption Supervisor for 2013

Daniel Riley moving to new challenges and opportunities

215761_10150128181656116_2144229_n.jpgThe Cadets would like to thank Daniel Riley for his years of service to The Cadets Drum Corps, and specifically the color guard. For the past four years, Daniel has served as supervisor for the guard, and prior to 2008, we were thrilled to have him as a member of the instructional team. And before that, Daniel was an esteemed member of The Cadets Color Guard.

George Hopkins, the Director of the Cadets, said, “It’s been a great run! We have grown with Daniel as the leader of the guard over a span that includes some great performances including a world championship. I’ve had a particularly interesting vantage point, as my daughter has been a member of the guard staff for the past few years, and before that, a member of the guard and a color guard captain. So, as the director and as a dad, I have nothing but thanks for the passion and effort Daniel has given to The Cadets’ guard. We wish him nothing but the absolute best with his winter and summer guard programs for years and years to come.”

The Cadets’ visual team of Jeff Sacktig, Greg Lagola and Bruno Zuccala met with George Hopkins Sunday evening to consider the direction for the guard program in 2013 and beyond. Expect an announcement in the coming week to 10 days.


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