Welcome, New Alumni

The Cadets recognize 2012 age-outs

The Cadets family would like to say a special word of welcome to the Age-out Class of 2012. Thank you each for your contribution and dedication to this organization; we are proud to count you among our alumni. Best of luck in all your endeavors, and we hope that you will continue to keep The Cadets as a part of your life in the years to come.

The 2012 Cadets Age-outs:


Drum Major

Kendra Orcutt


Color Guard

Priscilla Camargo

Sean Coffey

Kaitlin Czekaj

Megan Czekaj

Sarah Heath

Bridget Lambert

Stephanie Mallis

Saki Nakase

Sarah Ogden

Ashley Pittman

Chika Tanaka

Mark Willis

Mallory Yohannan

Kristy Beohmer

Brittany Blosser

Evan Turner


Front Ensemble

Kelsey Adams

Ed Burgess

Rebeca Conover

Cristina Cruz

Iris Heady

Morganne McCartney

Robert Scott

Richard Stetson

Jordan Swindoll

Taylor Yozwiak


Snare Drum

Sean Moran

Adam Swan


Bass Drum

Greg Banks

Andrew Ricketts



Brian Catri

Evan Conner

Kris Davis

William Redd

Zach Tempone



Chris Burky

Kristen Lewis

Mike Roberts

Sara Rogers



Robby Barton

Trevor Hankins

Charles Imwold

Daichi Kimura

Mike Phillips

Hikaru Tanaka

Gram Townsend



Josh Cole

John Roche


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